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Chad, having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad person. Let’s face it; most people have had some credit problems in their past or present. But that doesn’t mean that your local dealers should take you advantage of you. At Bad Car we understand that “you might be bad but you want to be good” and we are here to help you get the loan on a new or used car or truck that YOU DESERVE, even with a credit score of [VARIABLE] or less.

Chad, you have been selected as someone who we think we can assist with getting a fresh, upgraded auto loan. Whether you are currently driving a vehicle that is financed and need to trade out, or if you are in need of a loan to get into a better vehicle, Bad Car is ready to help you.

Contact Us Today. We have vehicles vehicles priced from $995 to $35,000 with finance plans available.

The highly qualified specialists at work with many different types of credit situations including the following:

  • Bad credit situations
  • Upside down car loans
  • Negative equity
  • Recent repossession
  • Previous bankruptcy
  • Auto loan refinancing
  • First time car buyer
  • Less than perfect credit situations
  • Part time employment
  • Back child support
  • Divorce
  • Charge offs
  • Paid in cash

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