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Car Loans Guaranteed with Approval

You’ve seen ads in the newspaper, commercials on television and maybe even big signs at local dealerships promising the same thing – guaranteed approval of your car loan. Are these really true? Can anyone get a car loan, even if they have bad credit? Here at, we can!

Car loans with guaranteed approval are real. Here at, even if you have bad credit we can help. We understand that sometimes bad things happen which means good people end up with low credit score. Over the last decade, the number of home foreclosures alone has resulted in millions of people being negatively affected. More than 1.3 million homes were repossessed in 2013 alone! However, foreclosure isn’t the only reason why people have bad credit. Unemployment, ending of relationships, or perhaps even just making bad decisions and making payments late, whatever the reason why your credit score is low, you can get financing for your car. More importantly, you are not alone in the process

We work closely with you to find the best financing solution for you. Your credit situation is as unique as you are. There really isn’t a “one size fits all” credit solution. This is why we take the one-on-one approach, with all of our clients. We have guaranteed approval for car loans for almost anyone. If you have income starting at as little as $800 per month net, we can help you. We have car loan solutions for nearly everyone.

Our past clients have come to us with all types of bad credit baggage. Past repossessions, bankruptcies, charge-off accounts, divorce, back child support, and much more, and we’ve been able to offer them car loans with guaranteed approval. We can do the same for you! We have developed relationships with lenders who understand people need second chances and that you are more than just a credit score number. We go to bat for our clients and get them the car loans with guaranteed approval they need, so they can purchase the car of their dreams.

A car loan is a great way to start rebuilding your credit. Making timely payments will begin to positively impact your score almost immediately. Car loans with guaranteed approval can help lead you down the path to complete credit worthiness, and future financial security. Like building a home, it can be the solid foundation to build upon and can help.





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    Bad Car Credit Professionals

    The highly qualified specialists at work with many different types of credit situations including the following:

    • Bad credit situations
    • Upside down car loans
    • Negative equity
    • Recent repossession
    • Previous bankruptcy
    • Less than perfect credit situations
    • Auto loan refinancing
    • First time car buyer
    • Part timeemployment
    • Back child support
    • Divorce
    • Charge offs
    • Paid in cash

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