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If you are a Chicago commuter coming from the south and southwest suburbs driving to work and back on Interstate 57, you may have seen a couple of billboards referencing is a website dedicated to helping those who have bad credit and are in need to find a car loan and now, is taking over the Chicago billboard market along I-57.

For anyone who has ever tried to purchase a car while having bad credit, you already know that the process isn’t easy. Typically, a car buyer with bad credit can expect to pay a higher interest rate, put down a larger down payment, have a co-signer, show proof of income, and much more. At, we make it easy and will guide you through the process of getting a bad credit car loan. Just like the bad car credit billboards on I-57 says…”just a click and you’re moving on”. Now that the economy has improved, credit requirements are beginning to loosen allowing to work with more banks who may be willing to take a risk on a car shopper with bad credit.

There are several sites out there that offer car loans to those with bad credit, however works exclusively with select car dealerships in the Chicago area who are able to provide auto financing to those who might not be able to obtain financing otherwise. Even if you have good credit, sometimes people find that they have an upside-down car loan, meaning that the value of their current vehicle is less than what they owe on their loan. Essentially, it means that you have no equity in your car, which is not a situation you want to find yourself in should you get in a car accident or you try to sell your car privately.

Next time you see one of our billboards on I-57 near Chicago, or anywhere else in the Chicago area, think about your current car loan situation and whether or no that works for you. isn’t just for those with bad credit, it’s for those who are looking to get any type of car loan or for those wanting to have an affordable monthly payment.

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    • Previous bankruptcy
    • Less than perfect credit situations
    • Auto loan refinancing
    • First time car buyer
    • Part timeemployment
    • Back child support
    • Divorce
    • Charge offs
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